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The complete solution in biogas and biomethane

100% green and renewable energy

In the world context the search for renewable energy generation in a complete cycle, in a natural, sustainable way and that can meet the energy demand is increasing and biogas has presented itself as an alternative that meets these requirements with great success, this theme is increasingly studied, with different approaches, various authors and in several countries.

Nowadays, biogas plants are a reliable and financially viable alternative for sustainable energy generation.

CH4 is the main component of Biomethane and Natural Gas, highly abundant throughout the Solar System. It is only a matter of time before CH4 (Methane) becomes the primary fuel of planet Earth and the Solar System. We will be fully engaged in this new energy frontier.


We provide several Bioenergy solutions for your business, in the segment of Biogas we have extensive knowledge of all stages of the process, for your company to use this energy to reduce your costs with thermal energy.

What is it?

Is a mixture of gases resulting from the degradation process of organic matter in the absence of oxygen, that is, in an anaerobic process. The main component of this mixture is methane, a gas with high energy potential, which makes biogas a renewable energy source.


  • Any biodegradable organic matter can be added to the anaerobic digesters for biogas production and energy alternative;
  • Unique solution for the treatment of agro-industrial waste;
  • Alternative for generation of combined Electric and Heat Energy;
  • Alternative to replace LPG;
  • Economically viable for the energy sector;
  • Generation of electric energy: 100% green and renewable.

Sources for production:

  • Industrial waste
  • Municipal organic waste
  • Animal production


We offer world-renowned technology to help your company become energy efficient, clean, and sustainable.

What it is?

A fuel, which after treatment and technological adequacy, can replace and compete in all aspects with other energy sources, it is a gaseous biofuel obtained from the processing of biogas. Biogas, in turn, originates from the anaerobic digestion of organic material (decomposition by the action of bacteria), composed mainly of methane (CH4) and carbon dioxide (CO2).


  • Alternative to CNG substitution;
  • Alternative for diesel substitution;
  • Alternative for generation of combined electric and heating energy;
  • High calorific power fuel;
  • Economically viable for the energy sector;
  • Behavior similar to CNG;
  • Energetically independent.

Sources for production:

  • Agricultural Waste;
  • Industrial organic residues;
  • Animal manure.
  • Urban solid waste, the organic fraction;
  • Domestic sewage.
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